22 June 2017  
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FIAT Spider 2000 NASA PT-A Racecar

EX SCCA E Production FIAT Spider 2000 which has been rebuilt for competition in NASA Performance Touring, class A (PT-A)

Date: 03/06/10 Owner: MAC Daddy Size: 25 items


Rebuilt in 2010, with fresh windscreen, paint, graphics, with extreme headwork and 48IDFs for an increase of about 25 WHP from E Production trim.

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 4759


View from the front. Same Baucom body kit as before.

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 3806


Interior. Shows new windscreen.

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 3587


Engine bay. 48IDFs use shorter (12mm tall) TWM velocity stacks, which allows the use of the K&N filters. Much better than open stack in dusty Colorado.

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 3781


More engine

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 3650


Engine produces 175WHP, and 136Wheel torque. With 15% drivetrain loss, translates to 205 crank HP, and 159 crank torque

Date: 01/01/03 Views: 3809


Upper link for rear tri-link suspension. This link connects from a fabricated bracket on the top center of the rear axle case, through the rear seat pan, to a fabricated bracket which is part of the roll cage. Also shows the diff vent.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 3700


The forward end of the upper rear suspension link, attached to a bracket welded to a horizontal bar near the bottom on the main roll hoop on the cage. All designed to lower the car effectively, and to make all of the suspension arms the same length, leve

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 3488


The "Wishbone" link. Replaces the Panhard rod, and eliminates any bind or odd suspension motion, while providing excellent location. Parallel to and the same draw length as the other 3 trailing arms.

Date: 05/01/03 Views: 3786


Another view from the rear that shows the rear lower trailing arm - ALL arms are spherical rod-ended.

Date: 05/01/03 Views: 3512
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