22 June 2017  
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FIAT 124 Spider Abarth Stradale Replica Build

Updated 2-3-07 - New pictures have been added. This album shows the build on a Replica of a FIAT 124 Spider Abarth Stradale. 1013 of these were built in '72-'74 for World Rally homologation. This replica is as faithful to the original as time, money, and available parts will alllow. More pictures will follow as the build progresses.

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At Automezzi Denver. Car Show for Italian cars occurs every year in June.

Date: 01/06/08 Views: 5121


Another shot from Automezzi

Date: 01/06/08 Views: 4305

Empty engine bay.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 5045

The freshly reassembled engine, passenger side, ready to install in the chassis.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4897

Driver side view. Engine has 9.8 CR Kolbenschmidt pistons, twin 40IDFs on the FIAT waffle manifold, 40-80-80-40 cams, in a big-

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 5256

Rear view, showing the tail lights, license lights, bumperettes, rear rockers. Rear view, showing the tail lights, license light

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4510

More detail on the fuel tank/filler conversion.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4764

Interior shot showing Abarth wheel, dash, and replica seat.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4724

Abarth fender flare.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4578

Engine installed, carbs synchronized, jetted, timed, ready to dyno.

Date: 02/01/03 Views: 4637
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