22 June 2017  
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MAC is a Drivetrain Warranty Install Dealer for MagnaCharger Products. We install, and offer a 3-year, 36,000 mile Warranty, on these Eaton-Magnuson Supercharger systems. We have applications for GM SUVs, Corvettes, and Hot Rods. Contact MAC for more information.

Date: 12/10/05 Owner: Administrator Size: 6 items

Polished Blower in Chevy SS Pickup

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 3328

H2 S/C on dyno - it FITS!

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 3051

Satin Finish Blower on H2

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 2947

another view of H2

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 3036

Adds over 100 WHP on 6.0 Vortec V-8

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 3059

That's a Rubber Chicken next to the Intercooler

Date: 12/10/05 Views: 3306
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